Excellence Riviera Cancun social responsability

This year, Excellence Riviera Cancun has been taking part in many social projects and contributed to various educational programs in Mexico. Here are a few mentions of our local contributions this 2014:

Childhood is the most valuable treasure of society, therefore, Excellence has taken the task of sharing a little joy with the orphanage “La Casita” through a toy donation on Dia de Reyes (Three Kings Day) celebration.
La Casita is an orphanage where children receive medical care, legal representation, education and healthy eating.

ut cancunTo contribute to the development of sports and cultural activities, 2 sets of chess and 2 Ping Pong tables were donated to the Tecnologico de Cancun.
Tecnológico de Cancun is a local University which focuses on the training and preparation of technicians and college students for their insertion into the workplace.

To support the fight against cancer, funds were raised through a raffle for Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRIT).
CRIT is a Mexican foundation dedicated to aid children with different capabilities Cancer and Autism.

adpaCommitted to the protection of animals, Excellence made a monetary contribution for support of ADPA association in favor of animal rights.
ADPA is a shelter that focuses on the support of stray dogs. It performs different activities to raise funds for the dogs protection.


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