Beyond the Excellence experience

With your support, many children celebrated a unique Christmas. Thank all of you who’ve joined us on this beautiful and loving adventure

DSC_2893-XL2017 was not the exception for us to Share the Love and care that all our guests have shown throughout their preference for so many years, the incredible cause to draw a smile on a child’s face during the holidays. The Excellence Group Christmas Share party was a success!

The team in Mexico had the opportunity to participate with a non-governmental organization, “Manos de Ayuda A.C.” a recreative space for children and people in need that protects and empowers great human values.

Many volunteers are the boost of this organization to keep the quality and hard work from the services they provide such as English lessons, prepping school homework, psychological assessment and plenty more activities that build a stronger bond of love and communication between the kids and their families.


Magic tricks, colorful face painting designs, tasteful snacks and the amazing energy of love made this wonderful experience a beautiful moment of happiness to share.

For the second consecutive year, the Punta Cana Excellence Resorts joined this incredible celebration.

The Guazuma school in La Altagracia and their amazing kids gave us the opportunity to keep dreaming and building unforgettable memories. Fun games, a clown show, and delicious food made this Christmas party a one to remember in The Dominican Republic.

All of this would not have come true without your love and help. Thank you for being part of this extensive Excellence family and for allowing us building more wonderful experiences for everyone.

Check here how we celebrated last year and the previous ones 2014, 2015, and 2016

Keep sharing the Excellence Love!


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